It’s My LIFE 

I guess the real fact of the matter is I don’t know what tommorrow will bring and the only thing I really have is right now. 
So, I don’t stay mad for too long. I learn to forgive, like my wise beloved parents always advise and teach me to forgive people who even have hurted us deeply.

I love all things that Allah ta’ala has destined for me.

I love the things with all my heart.

Than, I live every day of my life the way I want to live it with sunnah. I actually love the fact that Islam has rules in order to protect me from everything that would possibly harm me.

I always enjoy everyone who loves me and always holds my hands.

Jazaakumullahu khayran everyone who is always beside me.. ^^


With love,

اناستيوواتي ummu fawwaz

-03 Rabiulakhir 1438 H/ 01 Januari 2017-


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