No Title, Just Me


Not with friends, and not with crowd.
Just with me, I’m looking for a meaning in life. We all are wishing sturdily, not to go down. Even though from day to day we just walk on the road like a normal day with the sun which rises and then sets again and again. Sometimes I think that I’m solely left behind alone in this world and gonna be lonely. It’s like shivering in the darkness of the night. Everyone lives to wish for their dreams which are gonna drive the happiness.
Maybe most people are happy now, yeah maybe except me. But the world will turn tomorrow since everyone lives this moment wishing for a shining day. We all should know every one has strength to face every day with smile, but no one is also strong enough to face daily beating. Just one thing which should be known is that it doesn’t matter whether we’re gonna win the daily game or not, the important thing is we’ve done the best.
Until that day comes, believe in yourself that all we dream will be reached.


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