Not Moving, Just Staying


Sometimes I as a human being have to know what actually happens with me. It’s actually not talking about my habitual activities, it just talks about why I still stay here on my own site, and don’t go moving to other sites. When the others have gone to other places to enlarge their own experience, I’m just still here. When people have spent their own time with other experience of their own life, I just still spend my time here. My own body is still here with all my feelings. What’s wrong with me? Yaps, that’s the question. I’m not moving, but just staying.

What will happen in my future life is still my God’s (Allah Ta’ala) secret. Just still pursuing my happiness with my entire forthcoming dream –ya.. my dream is uncountable. Hence, here I use “dream”, not “dreams”– is my today attention-grabbing chore. Well, when using words “pursuing happiness”, maybe you’re gonna imagine the movie of Will Smith with his son. It maybe not be same like the movie because I was not born in the difficult situation. It’s better I think and I am grateful for Allah Ta’ala gives. I live in my peaceful home with my much-loved mum, beloved dad, and two lovely older sisters. They all love me and I love them a bunch. Since I was very-very young, it means I was still a baby; I got what I want— love, affection, adoration, education, sweet home, others that I can mention one by one. All I need, I get. Then the next question is what I have done for them, especially for my parents. Yap of course, maybe they have been proud of me with all I get—graduating my bachelor degree with cumlaude, getting some appreciations from university and faculty, doing both organizational and lecture jobs rateably, and being independent—not spoiled in my own life since I was a child. However, I think the fact is I actually have not done anything yet for them –my special and dearly love. Here I just stay on my site by waiting for an announcement of my state scholarship and doing the same liveliness when some people seek their better lives in line of business.
Life is not a joke. Yes, I do know. I just wanna step my stairs, step by step. I also know that the announcement maybe not make me smile, but I still hope in His Mercy that I will get the chance — getting my studentship of post degree– to make my first love happy. It’s not you, but the love is my beloved parents. Bissmillah.. (For this time, it does has need of saying Basmallah than other motivation words).. 🙂


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