Student Organitation and Lecture Class: Where will the Students be?


Becoming a university student is one of the exciting things for students who have already graduated from Senior High School. Most people consider that they have been mature to choose what they want in their life, including to lead their own life. The passion of one student is different from each other, so as their decision for joining student organization or just for attending lecture class as usual.

Commonly, each university in Indonesia provides opportunities for students to get involved. University student organizations have an important influence in providing effective learning environment for students, preparing them to live in a multicultural society. Those are reasons why the university offers many student organizations for them, particularly for the fresh man. Moreover, building friendship is the other benefit of joining student organizations since the student organization function as a place for academic discourse, personal development, leadership development, intercultural understanding, and community service.

Basically, an organization in its simple definition is a group of people (more than one person) purposely organized to complete certain of goals. According to Carter NcNamara, MPA, Ph.D, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, organization members often have vision in their minds about how the organization should be performing, how it should appear when things are going well. Besides, the organization operates according to an overall purpose or goal.
Even though there are many student organizations which are provided by the university, many students do not want to join one of them. most of them think that joining the student organization is exhausting. They prefer studying at classes to joining student organization. There is an assumption that campus activities spent more time for doing many activities related to their organization, than for finishing their study task. Some people say it can make them fail in lecture.

Recent trend show that student joining the student organization for some purposes. They have different reasons why they want to be, but basically they join one of the student organizations to get more experience beyond the academic knowledge. On the other side, many student of university prefer doing organization activities to attending classes and finishing their study. Consequently, their focus on organization rather than their study. The condition might be worse since they may fail in examination or graduate later than the others. On the one hand, some students still focus more on their academic side than the organization. Many students can achieve the study goal, although they are also actively involved in their organization. It should be appreciated in view of the fact that they can make both balanced.

Actually, where the university students will be to fill their free time in campus is their choice, like what has been explained above. If they want to improve themselves in some organizations, they should join one of the student organizations. The more experience, the more knowledge they get. So, where the students will be between university student organization and lecture class, just think twice what they want to do for the best of them.


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