Exercises as Human Lifestyle for Enhancing Brain


Brain as a center of the nervous system controls thought and feeling. The brain controls the other organ systems of body by stimulating muscles as well as by initiating chemicals secretion such as hormones and neurotransmitters. Brain enhancement actually is dependent upon an interaction of the human and environment, how the human interact with the environment by doing exercises. Exercises are physical and mental activities that keep human health.

Style generally designates an individual mode of doing something. Lifestyle includes the way people live the life and interact with the environment. When lifestyle becomes something important that can steer what people do, it is interesting to look at what a healthy lifestyle is. Actually, capability for indulging in physical exercises is one of the pleasure opportunities of life, but natural exercises like walking or cycling are now beginning to be left.

Most people who live in big as well as small cities prefer to use modern vehicles to move to places, even to cover short distances. Lifestyle is growing in society likely to complete to have modern vehicles. Even, in most countries in the world, machines are replacing manpower. It makes people physically slow and less active. Besides, most people are engaged in sedentary professions and remain glued to chairs for most of the day finding no time to stretch limbs. Natural exercise which was a routine with ancestors like plowing field for agriculture is seldom done now. Rajeev Gupta, psychiatrist at Manas, Tagore Nagar, Near Hero Heart Center, Ludhiana states that physical exercises as lifestyle are not only good for human healthy body but also worthy for human brain including for brain. Unfortunately, a new phenomenon is progressively going up, lifestyle that grows in society is a common preoccupation in modern life. The lifestyle containing less exercise can lead stress since regular exercise tones up human muscles and keeps the brain alert. In addition, stress makes muscles tense and causes fatigue of mind and body. During stress, impulses go from the brain to body muscles and result in muscular constriction. Chronic stress leads to chronic muscles tension.

Exercises as lifestyle for bringing good effects on body health like reducing weight, fat mass, and unhealthy cholesterol are now well-known. Most people have been familiar with that exercises such as running, jogging, cycling and the other exercises have been realized to be good for the human health. A recent research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has shown that it also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and improves the memory and ability to learn. Neuroscientists from University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore in the US have studied the effects of running. Working on rats, they showed that even a few days of running stimulates the brain to grow new cells in a part of the brain engaged in memory and recall. The scientists divided the rats into two groups, the one had a running wheel that could be used at any time, and the other of which did not. They trained each mouse by placing it in front of a computer screen displaying two squares. If the mouse used its nose to push the square on the left, there was a sugar capsule as a reward. If it nudged the other square, there was no reward. The rats were then given brief memory tests designed to see how effectively they could separate similar memories. The result of this is extremely satisfied. The scientists found that the rats which were running had grown an average of 6,000 new brain cells per cubic millimeter in the dentate gyros part of the hippocampus, which is one of only a few areas of the brain that can grow new cells in the adult brain. Timothy Bussey as the researcher of this research said the studies build on earlier work, showing exercises keep the brain healthy by enhancing synaptic plasticity and by stimulating the brain to produce new cells, a process known as neurogenisis. These studies were done on patients suffering from depression. To get maximal result, they had to exercise regularly. Besides, Christine Anderson, MS, the wellness and fitness coordinator of the University of San Francisco, explains that exercises affect many sites within the nervous system and sets off pleasure chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that can make people calm, happy, and euphoric. When someone does an exercise, it can stimulate the nervous system and function at a higher level.


Exercises are important for saving human brain healthier. Human has been gifted with special organ called brain. Now the responsibility is to take care of the brain. Every human is the guardian of health. The old proverb said that when you lost your wealth, you lost something, but when you lost health, you lost everything. It may mean health is a matter of something important in life. Good lifestyle of health means happiness. Making exercises as lifestyle is the key to saving and enhancing brain.


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